Theme and Variations

A new exhibition of varied work and techniques.

Opening at ‘The Residency’ in Hartley St, Alice Springs

in conjunction with the Spring Flower Show

Saturday 15th September – 23rd October.


Windfall. Acrylic on canvas

Works are arranged in themes with one or two variations.

New techniques are explored in watercolour, oil and acrylic, and texture is achieved with natural soil collected from the roadside. You are invited to feel the textures.


Strolling to the Telegraph Station. Oil on canvas.







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Onward and upward

Congratulations to Betty Davies ( see previous post) on a successful exhibition opening. You can see Betty’s work at The Residency, Hartley St. Alice Springs. See an example  below.

My exhibition in September has unfortunately been cancelled but you can see a selection of works in Leaping Lizards Gallery, Todd St, Alice Springs.

My book , ‘Summary of Small Things’ is now available at Red Kangaroo Bookshop, Todd Mall, Alice Springs, or it can be purchased on-line from N T Writers Centre. Enjoy.

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