Theme and Variations

A new exhibition of varied work and techniques.

Opening at ‘The Residency’ in Hartley St, Alice Springs

in conjunction with the Spring Flower Show

Saturday 15th September – 23rd October.


Windfall. Acrylic on canvas

Works are arranged in themes with one or two variations.

New techniques are explored in watercolour, oil and acrylic, and texture is achieved with natural soil collected from the roadside. You are invited to feel the textures.


Strolling to the Telegraph Station. Oil on canvas.







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Onward and upward

Congratulations to Betty Davies ( see previous post) on a successful exhibition opening. You can see Betty’s work at The Residency, Hartley St. Alice Springs. See an example  below.

My exhibition in September has unfortunately been cancelled but you can see a selection of works in Leaping Lizards Gallery, Todd St, Alice Springs.

My book , ‘Summary of Small Things’ is now available at Red Kangaroo Bookshop, Todd Mall, Alice Springs, or it can be purchased on-line from N T Writers Centre. Enjoy.

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A Man and His Hat – Exhibition

A Man and His Hat

The Residency Arts Program is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Alice Springs artist

Betty Davies

Through a series of impressionistic portraits, the significance of the iconic stockman’s hat is presented as a tribute to the bushmen of Central Australia.

‘A hat defines a man in terms of identity and lifestyle, and much careful deliberation goes into the choosing of this treasured item of male attire’

Join us at the Residency for the opening
Sat 1st July at 11 am

The Residency is on the corner of Hartley and Parson’s St.


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Open letter to Telstra

An open letter to Telstra.

Dear Telstra,

I am in my late 60s. What have you done that churns my stomach and robs me of sleep?

My internet dropped out in January. Techs came, left, didn’t come, didn’t and 6 weeks later on an Ombudsman’s order, came, and I was back on line within minutes. A lead was plugged in wrongly at the node, 20 steps from my front gate.

But by then you had swung into action.

You say the problem must be the way I pay, and secretly whip me onto a new plan, a two-year contract and charge me three times my rightful cost for half the service? I ask that my proper terms be reinstated but am told, ‘No chance.’ Is that the same as ‘fat chance’? Continue reading

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Book Launch – Summary of Small Things

Book launch -19th May, 2017

Summary of Small Things‘ is a candid journey through the last four months of 2016. Life as a senior single woman living in the desert unfolds in a story of art, music, poetry, gardening, home maintenance, joys, sorrows and friendships.
‘Whenever I start down a new path I become obsessed. This is advantageous as it lasts only a short time when paintings roll off the brush and idea follows idea.’
Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.’ – Rumi.

‘Astute observations of her immediate environment, together with literary pickings, shine through Carol’s diary. Her healthy self-doubt s balanced by agile and sure prose that has an inviting, chatty confidentiality.’ – Rod Moss

Available from

Red Kangaroo bookshop, 79 Todd Mall, Alice Springs.
Ph: (08) 8953 2137

Thanks to Mark Wilson for all images on this post.

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‘Summary of Small Things’ – by Carol Adams

Book launch – NT Writers Festival

  • Friday 19th May
  • Olive Pink Botanic Gardens
  • 5:00pm – 5:45pm

You are welcome to come.

  • As we hover over Alice Springs I notice a maze of brown, twisting threads.
  • I bought a sledgehammer to take up some of the concrete path for my stream.
  • This country does that. It empties you of certainties and refills you with questions.

Poetic fragments from the journal of musician and artist, Carol Adams, spanning the closing months of a year in the remote desert town of Alice Springs.

Astute observations…. shine through Carol’s diary as she prepares to exhibit her paintings. Her healthy self-doubt is balanced by agile and sure prose that has an inviting, chatty confidentiality. Rod Moss

Published by Ptilotus Press as part of the new Inland Writers Series.
All proceeds to Ptilotus Press which is a small volunteer publishing group, publishing writing from Central Australia.

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Adornments of Godiva

Adornments of Godiva

Fabulously creative, individually designed and handmade jewellery at a very good price for quality pieces.

A new site on Etsy. Go here …and more coming

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